What You Need To Know About Reconstructive Surgery

Very few know it, but the origins of this science are very ancient. In fact, it traces back to ancient Egypt. Today, the greatest requests include breast implants, liposuction, and facial interventions. Here at myfacesurgeon.com, we consider any reconstructive surgery as a way to satisfy precise needs.

Many confuse reconstructive surgery with cosmetic surgery. Indeed, cosmetic surgery is a very interesting topic as well. However, there is plenty of misinformation about it. Besides, if you think carefully about the attitude to the modification of the body, you may surprise yourself.

What is reconstructive surgery? What is it for?

Reconstructive surgery is a type of intervention that can improve not only the aesthetic but also the functional aspect of various parts of the body. Sometimes, for congenital and/or acquired causes, surgical correction is the only way.

In part, it resembles the well-known cosmetic surgery. The latter social trend has always been inherent in humanity. For one thing, its goal often aimed to satisfy a need for homologation within a social group. Just think of the giraffe women. Another example is the artificially deformed feet of Chinese women during the Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties. Historically, being like the other members of a larger group improved the quality of life of the individual. Thus, reconstructive surgery is the natural next step in helping a person to gain a more fulfilling life.

What’s it about?

The procedure varies according to the reconstructive intervention that the patient needs. In general, myfacesurgeon.com checks the most used techniques like the ones that involve the use of:

  • Grafts: portions of tissue obtained from the patient’s body and then implanted in another area
  • Flaps: parts of tissue that surgeons implant in another area of the body while maintaining a connection with the area of origin (peduncle)
  • Implants: used to correct and/or fill congenital or acquired deformities. They can be external (nose, ear) or internal (breast implants) and composed of different materials

Plastic and reconstructive surgery relies on the application of multiple techniques. In brief, they are integrated medical procedures. To clarify, it is the combined effect that allows for extraordinary results.

For instance, the goal of rhinoplasty is to recreate the appropriate proportions between the portions of the nose (both bone and cartilage) and the other aesthetic units of the face. To achieve this, a careful evaluation of the face and the planes composed of forehead-eyes and mouth-chin is essential. Also, the expert surgeon takes into consideration the patient’s gender and his/her particular personality. Overall, to design the new profile of the nose, the professional needs a great set of varying skills.… Read the rest

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Gift Your Wife Personalized Jewelry

Is it time for your first wedding anniversary? Are you looking for the best gift to give your beloved wife? When it comes to giving gifts, there are innumerable options for you to choose. The gift you give to your spouse should not only be exceptionally good but should be special too. If you are confused about what to gift her, it would be an amazing idea to gift a piece of personalized jewelry. The first wedding anniversary is an important day in your life just like your wedding day, your first date and the first meeting with your beloved wife. If you want some awesome gift ideas, you should check out gemiani.com

When you are considering gifting personalized jewelry to your wife, you will get several options to choose from. Firstly, you would have to decide what type of jewelry you want to gift her. You may choose a ring, a necklace, a pair of earrings, or a bracelet – whatever you choose you will have the option to give it a personal touch. You would have to ask your jeweler for the same and they will tell you about the available options. You can check out gemiani.com for more options.

When you have decided what type of jewelry you want to gift your dear wife, you would still have to answer some questions. Each jewelry piece comes in different types of material. You have to choose whether you want gold, silver or platinum jewelry. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you may ask the jeweler to suggest you the right one. Moving forward, you would also have to decide if you want full-metal jewelry or one with stones. For example, if you are buying a ring, you can either buy one that is completely made with the metal along with inscriptions or the one that has valuable stones attached to the ring. When it comes to design, you have different options to choose from. You can choose any design and ask the jeweler to make it personalized for your dear wife.

When you are buying personalized jewelry for your spouse, it is important to buy a good quality item so that it lasts for a long time. You should not buy from any random seller that will cheat you into buying cheap ones. You should buy from a reputed seller like gemiani.com so that you are assured of the premium quality.… Read the rest

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A Handy Guide For Some Commonly Asked Questions About Nose Piercings

If you’re looking for a nose ring, you should take your time because there are many different types and styles. A nose ring usually rests on the curved part of the nostril, but it is also common to have piercings in other parts of the nose. Nose rings can convey that you’re a rebel, but they can also look elegant in a mainstream atmosphere. They can also be quite dazzling when you bling out with diamond nose rings and other precious gems.

Nose hoops

This type of nose ring has a variety of names that vary with different regions of the world and the type of jewelry used to create the item. They come in different colors and sizes, and they’re usually constructed from titanium or surgical-grade stainless steel. This type of piercing was very popular in the 1990s, and it has begun to grow in popularity in recent years. The hoop can be more noticeable than other styles such as the simple stud varieties.

Nose stud

The nose stud, also called nose screw or nose twister, is a very popular option, and it is common among people who like to impress with diamond nose rings or other elegant styles. The nose stud can be constructed with a right bend or a left bend depending on which side of your nose in which it will be placed. As the most popular type of nose ring, it comes in a wide variety of styles and options. The nose stud provides a good fit against the skin, and it is less prone to becoming dislodged during physical activities.


For a more radical-looking option, you could choose a fishtail nose ring that is essentially a long straight piece of jewelry that is custom fit by a professional. Some people who have challenges in finding the right fit will choose this type of nose ring to fit their unique nose shape. The fishtail ring is usually about three-quarters of an inch long, and it does not have a twist or bulb to hold it in place. In order to improve the fit and look of the fishtail, many professionals will bend it into shapes such as a screw or other forms.

Nose bone

With a tribal reference, this look can convey the sense of a very uninhibited or fearless personality. It typically is constructed with a short post and a decorative top. It usually rests on the outside of the nostril with a bulbous bottom to keep the post in place. There is usually a straight piece protruding from either end of the piercing. The ball-shaped end of the jewelry helps keep it from falling out, and it comes in a wide variety of styles. It is not one of the easiest to insert if this is your first piercing, and it is not recommended for pierced skin that is healing.

These are some of the most popular types of nose rings, but there are a lot of other varieties. Nose piercings have been worn in many cultures dating back to antiquity, and they’re just as popular today as ever. They’re a great way to show off your sense of bohemian or punk tastes.
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Motivating Factors For Seeking The Best Cosmetic Surgery For You

Facelifts are a field of plastic surgery aimed to restore the vitality and youth of your facial features. In particular, facelifts focus on renewing wrinkles, lines, and other unwanted characteristics. As with most areas of plastic surgery, facelift procedures vary widely in their objective and scope. Some facelifts lean more towards light touch ups, while other deep-plane facelifts are a more intensive procedure. If you are looking to have a facelift done or would like to open a conversation about it, there are many qualified professionals like Robert Kotler MD willing to assist you. Below we will explore the leading reasons that propel people to have a facelift procedure. 

1.Tired Image

Often an inevitable part of aging is drooping eyelids and darker circles, creating an unwanted tired appearance. In order to counteract these facial features, many people use a facelift in the form of eyelid surgery to revert their drooping image into a youthful restoration. 

2. Wrinkles

Clear and pronounced wrinkles on the neck and face are another common reason to receive a facelift. Typically brought on by age and stress, this wrinkled skin is rejuvenated in a facelift procedure. The saggy skin around the cheeks and middle of the face are targeted to remove signs of aging. 

3.Muscle Tone

Facelifts are frequently performed to tighten up loose skin and restore the appearance of muscle tone in facial features. In addition to removing this elastic skin, modern facelift operations now can also withdraw excess fat that lies around your neck and lower face. 

4.Mouth and Nose Creasing

Typically, facelift operations targeting the mouth and nose are considered deep-plane. This deep-plane label connotes that the complexity of the surgery will require more time and work than other lighter procedures. These particular facelifts work great to soften the lines from the corners of your mouth to your nose. In addition, the surgery can improve the contour and shape of your lower jaw. 

As you can see, facelifts are a versatile surgery that can provide a plethora of restoring and rejuvenating benefits to your appearance. Based on your specific needs, you can work with a licensed professional like Robert Kotler MD to determine the right type of facelift for you. Fortunately, medical advancements have opened the possibilities and opportunities of facelifts to satisfy the vastly different desires of the public. With facelifts, people no longer have to succumb to the facial deterioration that comes with the aging process. Utilize these tools and information to help you determine if you want a facelift procedure to feel happier, healthier, and younger!… Read the rest

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Choose The Right Dental Clinic For You And Your Family

Choosing the best dentist is crucial considering you will be longtime partners in your dental healthcare. Your teeth should be cleaned by an expert dentist

regularly. While brushing and flossing your teeth are important for oral health, having the right dentist is the key to overall dental care.

Now, how do you find the right dentiste?

Ask your dental insurance company

Mostly, dental insurance firms know the best healthcare providers. Therefore, approach your insurance provider and ask them a list of approved dental care providers. This way, you will have narrowed down your search instead of spending time moving from office to office. If you live in a small community, chances are you will find only one or two choices.

 Check with your physician

Medical experts can be a good starting point for finding the right dentiste. The reason is that doctors attend to a variety of patients including those with dental problems. Doctors may know of the area dentists and hence can refer you to the right one. 

Check for online reviews

The internet can be a rich source of information on the best dentist around. Check on their websites and see how people talk about them. Customers with previous experiences are likely to give a review about the dentist. A dentist with too many negative reviews is a no-go zone. Also, try to establish whether those positive reviews are genuine or not. 

Ask workmates, family, and friends

If you stay in a new area, then neighbors can help refer you to the right dentist. Also, your friends may have a dentist they trust, so they can recommend you. Family members and friends are unlikely to give a false review of a dentist.

Professional qualifications

Once you have been recommended a dentist, move to check on their academic credentials. Ask the dentist on the number of years they have been in service. Also, the dentiste should be able to provide a medical license and certification. This way, you know about the type of dentist you are dealing with. 

Office location

Convenience is another factor considered when looking for the right dentist. The dentist should be close to your work or home for easier travel. Location is important in the sense you can access the office in case of an emergency. Also, a nearby dentist makes it convenient for regular appointments.… Read the rest

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The Most Flattering Eyeshadow Shade for Your Skin Tone

Why does the same makeup look so different from one woman to the next? Part of the reason is that it interacts with your complexion in a way that is unique to you. That is why it is vital to understand the basics of skin tone before you can possibly expect to find the eyeshadow palette that’s best for you.


You can thank genetics for your complexion, which is determined by how much dark brown or black melanin pigment can be found in the epidermis, the outer layer of your skin. Evolutionarily speaking, its purpose is to protect you from ultraviolet rays, thus explaining why people from sunnier parts of the world have darker skin. Although there are numerous subtle variations in shade, skin tone can generally be broken down into the following categories:

• Fair or light skin is found in cooler, less sunny climates such as northern Europe. Light-skinned people can appear pale and often burn easily in the sun.

• Beige or olive skin tones are found in people from southern Europe or northern Asia. These tones tend to be more neutral and balanced. When exposed to the sun, people with these tones usually tan – although UV protection should still be used.

• Dark skin tones are found in people who come from very sunny parts of the world such as Africa, India and the Middle East. Although people with dark skin can withstand the sun better, they are still susceptible to hyperpigmentation and sun damage and should use protectant products.

Your skin tone and the subtle undertones that give it further depth will help you determine what colors of foundation and blush will enhance your features the most.


Although it might be easy to think that your eyes are stand-alone features that have more to do with their own shape and color, their appearance is affected by your overall skin tone. Here are some examples of the three general skin tones and the eyeshadow palette that works well with each.

• Since fair or light skin has a delicate appearance, you want warm tones that wake up your skin and keep it from looking washed out. At the same time, you don’t want eyeshadow that is so dark and heavy that it overwhelms. Taupes, warm roses, light golds, and purples can bring your eyes to the fore in the best of all possible ways.

• Your olive skin tone is the perfect backdrop for bronzey coppers that serve to light up your whole face. The richness of burnt orange and burgundy also are terrific complements for your complexion. For days when you want to give your look some real pop, your skin tone also lends itself to bright jewel colors such as emerald green and sapphire blue on your lower lash line. If your skin seems to have a yellow undertone that bothers you, neutral shades can help to neutralize it.

• For dark tones, set them off with rich shades of copper, red and green. If you need some grounding for your look, offset these fiery shades with deeper green and brown hues.

The great thing about eyeshadow palettes is that they provide you with several options that you can mix and match until you achieve just the right look. Sid down with your new makeup on a lazy day when you’re not in a rush, and just have fun experimenting. You won’t believe the effects you can achieve.
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How Long Do The Benefits Of Coolsculpting Last After A Procedures?

A good diet and regular exercises are the keys to attaining a good shape and healthy body. However, some fat cells are hard to eliminate no matter how much you try. This is where 1hourfatfreeze.com comes in. The company uses a special type of alternative treatment known as CoolScuplting to reduce belly fat. Just like its name suggests, CoolScupting is a form of treatment that seeks to destroy fat cells by targeted cooling approach. 

The method is effective in destroying cells located deep in the skin surface so as to give a toned and well-shaped look. Ultimately, the stubborn fat cells get dissolved and progressively removed by natural body processes. 

Benefits of CoolSculpting

No Anesthesia is required

This form of fat removal is non-evasive which means there are less or no risks associated with anesthesia. In fact, this method uses a small handled device to provide the cooling effect on the skin. The good thing is that it doesn’t penetrate inside the skin. You won’t develop openings or scars after the treatment.

It’s comfortable

The only discomfort you feel is the cooling effect delivered by the device. Also, the slight discomfort diminish swiftly even before you can realize. This allows patients to do other things such as sleep or text while undergoing the fat removal process.

Safe and effective

This type of treatment has been approved by the FDA. This means it a safe and effective way of reducing fat in the body. A large number of patients who have undergone through the treatment also show satisfaction of the results. 

Has scientific backup

Many alternative treatments promise to remove fat and achieve a perfect body. However, only a few of them live by the words. One such method with scientific evidence is the CoolSculpting treatment. It uses safe methods without destroying the skin tissues and cells.

Works in line with the body’s natural removal system 

This treatment does not melt your fat away. It simply applies the device on the affected area thus providing regulated cooling to the extent it destroys the undesirable fat cells. Once through, your natural disposal system takes over to remove the dead cells.

Removes fat in targeted areas only

Unlike other methods which seek to remove fat all over the body, this approach focuses only on the targeted areas. This means you can lose weight but still maintain some fats.

For more information on how to lose belly fat, get in touch with 1hourfatfreeze.com. The company is dedicated to helping individuals with weight issues lose fat and achieve their desired body goals.… Read the rest

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